24 hour Roadtrip

This past Sunday, Adam and I knew we needed to get away from the farm for a day and planned for a roadtrip to my childhood summer getaway, the lake! Adam worked all day and then around 7:30 that night we loaded up the truck, dropped Jake off at my inlaws and took off to surprise my family for a sleepover

We ended up on their doorstep around 10:15 pm and they were definitely surprised!! We stayed up til midnight visiting before crashing into a deep, heavy, much needed rest. In the morning we got up, sat on their deck drinking coffee and visiting before we got ready and headed out for breakfast at a beautiful club house on the golf course

Then it was time to part ways with my folks and head to the lake. Our trip there from the city only takes 45 mins, but let me tell you, it was full of reminscing! My thoughts turned back to my childhood and my family and my summer drives on this very road..it was actually more emotional than I thought it would be! Once we arrived at the lake, our first stop was to drive by my old family cabin. The "new" owners were in the driveway {I was really disappointed} so we couldn't stop to take it in and kept going til we hit the beach, where we stopped for a good idea to lay in the sand and enjoy the sun!

Once we had our fill of the beach, we went for a drive through out all the campgrounds {I pointed out all the stalls that I camped in with my grandparents' trailer as a child, I even pointed out the camping stall where I first fed a wild deer by hand!} and then returned to my old family cabin to find the owners had left and I quickly took my opportunity to snap a few quick photos before they had returned. I had seen a project online where people take old family photos, return to where the photos were taken and take a photo of both of them, bringing the past in to the here and now..I couldn't resist trying this with a photo of my late grandpa

Now, I was rushed {worried the new owners would come back} so I am a bit disappointed that it wasn't better lined up with the door and window, but hey..it makes the statement I wanted it to!! From there we headed to The Landing, a local restaurant that has been there for ages and hasn't changed a bit..and I love that it hasn't!

my lovely dinner guest..

We enjoyed a great supper before heading back on the road and making our way thru the Cypress Hills before heading home to the farm. Typically, when leaving the lake we turn left and take the 45 minute road back home to the city. But this time? This time we took a right and meandered thru some gorgeous country..

I mean, really?

I LOVE that this is so close to us. It feels as though its worlds away, but that is the beauty of Canada..its so diverse!!

This, by far, was the most refreshing road trips in history! 24 hours, 400 miles and it was something we desperately needed and didn't even realize it! We love our life on the farm but the truth is, living and working so closely with family can be hard and trying on any relationship, especially newlyweds! Not too often do we get a chance to do things, just the two of us. And when it was just us, we felt inspired, happy and kind of like we could breathe again...we needed it badly! We came back to the farm, refreshed and ready to go again. It was all we needed!!!

I plan on scrapbooking these photos in to a mini album of some sort, not sure yet but will post the album when it is completed. I took an assortment of IPhone photos, big girl camera photos as well as instant photos with my Instax that will be combined together in this album alongside wildflowers that I picked along our drive and dried them to place in the album! Can't wait to get this going!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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