A Very Special Fathers Day

Oh June 17th...what can I say?! This year you are bittersweet! This year Fathers Day lands on you and I am happy to celebrate the day of dad's...especially my awesome one. But June 17th, you bring some heartache with you too. See, on June 17th, 1998..my grandpa was supposed to be celebrating his 73rd birthday. Instead, he woke up in horrible pain, ended up in the hospital and died that day. 14 years ago, we lost an integral part of our lives. In a flash..gone. Now, my grandpa wasn't about the looks (see below) but he WAS about the humor in life..and man, was he good at it!

There aren't any words to describe just how awesome I think my grandpa was..he just..was! He was all about family, he loved to laugh and enjoy a cold beer. He loved the lake, fishing, barbequeing and LOVED making pancake breakfasts at the cabin. He loved driving my grandma crazy and let me tell you, not many men love their wives like grandpa loved his. It was a gift to be able to see it in my lifetime..a gift that could never be taken away from me. When my grandma passed away a year before, it ripped my heart out to see him without her. Truly, it was an earth shattering loss for him. That day in June, 1998 was a gift for him because I knew who he was going to see on the other side and although we would be left without him, you have to smile knowing those two are together watching over us

I miss my grandpa daily. I crave knowledge about him. What I wouldn't give to sit down with those two and just talk, for hours. Memories have faded rapidly but I will always have these photos and a video of our Easter Egg Hunt in 1989 incase I need to hear their voices. Sometimes I just want to sit and watch it, just to be mesmorized by who they were as people. Again, a gift that can never been taken away from me! So grandpa, if you are listening..I miss you, I love you and I really could use a candy now..and I know your pocket is full of them ;)

The flip side? Its Father's Day..and this guy,

needs to be thanked for EVERYTHING has ever done and given me. I could never have asked for a better dad in life. He is my rock, my inspiration, my role model. The only thing better than having him for a dad in life? Is knowing my kids get to have him as their grandpa..and although they aren't born yet..they are the luckiest kids in the world! Which is how you should feel, no?

Happy Fathers Day Daddio..love you, love you, LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Awwww, what a great post. Very touching.

    ....love that you call your Dad "Daddio"....that's what my youngest called my husband for a LONNNNNG time. :)

  2. okay, so I am Bawling and smiling at the same time. Thank you, love ya Kid!

  3. This is so sweet, I love how you write about your family. Now I need a tissue, happy tears are flowing!!


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