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Gone are the days of wanting new jeans, dresses and sweaters. In fact, this past weekend while at the mall shopping, although some of the store windows definitely caught my eye, I kept walking (unheard of even 2 years ago!) Now, well..stores like Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn are my candy shoppes..they make me giddy and are my go to places whenever I'm in the city! A sign of growing up? Absolutely!! But the truth is, the next thing on my wishlist cannot be found at Williams Sonoma..nope, its a little more...mmm, rural than that...the big item on my wishlist???

Yup, I want a mini donkey!! I have no idea where my fascination with these cuties came from but I will tell you, I am obsessed! They are so sweet, docile and gentle. A little noisy, yes..but my God I love them!! Adam has a friend who owns this sweet man above so we went to visit him the other day and I was giddy like a little girl!!

If I had one, I think I'd name him Chet, or something else old school and cute! Don't their faces make them look soulful?

Now, Adam and I have a secret deal and if I win..I get my very own mini donkey!! Fingers crossed I win :)

Yes, being a girl from the city, I have definitely come a long way..living a dream life in the country! First I got my chickens..and next..well, maybe we'll have a little Chet living with us!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. This is so funny and sweet!! He does look soulful and like he needs a HUG!! Good luck on winning the bet, will cross my fingers for you!!


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