it finally happened..

After 50 weeks of being on the market, my house has finally sold!

I put my home up for sale last May and moved out at the end of August but my poor little home sat empty all these months since then. There was over 50 showings but due to the poor market, houses just haven't been selling and mine was no different! It has been a very frustrating experience and when we heard about our offer 2 weeks ago, we were ecstatic!! Then on Tuesday evening, it was confirmed, my house was officially sold!! It is such a relief!

I drove by my home to see if the "SOLD" sign was up and when it was, I pulled over and snapped this photo to celebrate. Then I walked around and a bittersweet, sentimental feeling overcame me. Although I am happy the house has finally sold and will relieve us of the mortgage, its the end of a very special chapter in my life. This home was the first home I bought myself. It was just for Jakey & I and I loved it. We spent 4 months renovating it to exactly how I envisioned it. Painted every wall, hung new light fixtures, completely re-did the kitchen, planted the flowers..I put my heart & soul into it and was so happy with the results!

Of course in June of that year {one month before moving in} I met Adam and my visions of Jakey & I in our cozy little 40's home were blown out of the water. Plans were made, stars were seen, goals were changed and my house would be going back on the market within a year and a half. So, even though I only lived in this place for less than 2 years, it is still a very large part of who I am today. It is a symbol of my freedom, independance and personality and I owe so many things to the experiences this home has brought me. On June 1st a lucky new homeowner will move into this tiny, cozy castle and I hope they take care of it like it deserves....

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  1. How awesome for you, CONGRATS!! I know it is kinda hard at the same time though, your first really grown up place and all the hard work you put into it. You should be proud, it's a cute house and the next family will love it so much also.
    I never got to do the first place thing, was a mom at 19 so I've always wondered how fun it would be to have a little place just for me.


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