Prepping the "nest"

I have always idealized living in the country, even as a little girl. The idea of having a huge, peaceful yard full of flowers, vegetable gardens, children running free and animals everywhere was a huge draw to me. Of course, I grew up in the city and so these thoughts were shelved as fantasy and I continued on living my life as I thought it should be. Little did I know that I would grow up to marry a farmer who would bend over backwards to make my whimsical "life in the country" dreams come true. When Adam asked me to marry him and move to the farm to start a new life, I couldn't have been more ecstatic.. my country life was finally going to happen! And now? I have had a few months to settle in to my new routine and its time to start bringing my country dreams to life. My first order of business?


Yup, I have a dozen little fluffballs on their way and I am giddy with excitement! I have no idea what I am doing but I have bought & studied 6 different books, I've researched and asked questions and {thankfully} my hubby has his own childhood experiences that I can learn from. It's really happening! To prepare for my little flock, the hubs and I went down to the shop last night to make the brooder that will house these little ladies for the first 6 weeks of their lives til I can move them to their coop. After researching what others did for their brooders, I came up with this

I used a 121L Rubbermaid bin that I am hoping will be large enough for 6 weeks and 12 chicks. If not, I may have to divide them in to 2 bins to keep them healthy and give them enough space for comfort

While Adam trimmed the lid with a utility knife, I was busy trimming poster board to line the floor of the brooder {makes for easier weekly clean up}

Then we attached some metal meshing to the lid so the heat lamp can still provide all the heat necessary but keep my girls safe inside from the puppies as well as keep them from flying out on their own accord

And when the lid was complete, it was time to add the pine shavings to the floor

Now, all that's left is adding my little waterer and feeder {and of course the heat lamp} and my chicks' new home will be waiting for them! I will be getting my ladies on Sunday so you can be sure I will blog about them next week..I can't wait!! Until then, my Jakey has been appointed guardian of our flock...and already I think he's taking his job pretty seriously...

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone..can't wait to introduce my ladies to you next week!!

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