Meet...The Ladies

Please meet: Miss Speckles, Patsy, Beatrix, Lilydale, Butterball, Betty, Nugget, Daisy, Dharma, Eleanor, Maggie, TINY, Bizzy, Sadie & Lacy

Well, after a VERY long day yesterday, we made it home with a very special package. I was so nervous when we turned down the old dirt road and pulled up to the ranch. The realization that I was actually getting my chicks finally hit me and I was both ecstatic and freaked out! The lady who hatched my babies was amazing, so friendly & knowledgeable and definitely someone I will continue to deal with!!

After touring their ranch, I picked up my box of 15 lovelies and we made our way home thru the night. Thankfully, we still had about an hour left of daylight when we left so I had some time to settle in & observe the little fluffballs! They are so tiny and sweet, you barely feel them when they're in your hands!!

Of course, I have no experience with chickens (100% newbie!) so when I first went to grab one I was skiddish and it took some pep talk from the hubs before I finally realized, "I can do this" .. and that first moment I held my chicks, changed my life. Something hit me and I fell in eyes even started watering! Truly..amazing!

This is Eleanor ;)

After a long drive home we placed them in their brooder, dunked their beaks in water and watched in silent bliss as they helped themselves to water & feed for the first time..*sigh*
of course, a little drama ensued as my 5th chick I took out to move to the brooder fluttered and fell out of my hands to the ground..I was heartbroken, shocked and beyond upset with myself but, thankfully, she was just a little stunned & fully recovered quickly! Whew!!

But, they settled nice and warm..and soon, fell fast asleep...

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