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I promise that my blog won't turn in to chicken-only content but because they are new, I'm just a wee bit obsessed and giddy with information ;) I spent the majority of my day with them yesterday, visiting, examining, worrying, laughing, listening and observing. They have filled me with sheer bliss and I hope that every single one of them make it to the coop and enjoy a peaceful life on our farm. The thought of losing even one of them breaks my heart but I do know that it is a possibility and so I am always on my guard.
Curious to learn more about my new flock, I contacted the breeder to clarify which breeds I received and then researched & googled everything I could about them to learn more about my flock. And, because of all of my research, I'd like to share with you a few flock specifics:

For instance:

I have 8 Black Australorps - they are {so far} my favorites as they are very sweet, calm, quiet and     comfortable around me..when they grow in to their feathers they will be a fairly large bird, covered in black feathers {some will shine jewel-tone green in the sun} with a red face and comb. They lay brown eggs and are known for being sweet, docile and somewhat shy

I also have 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks - they are the smallest chicks in my flock {at the moment} and are a little more curious, vocal, alert and very fun to watch! They are recognized due to being mostly black with a white dot on their heads. They lay rose tinted brown eggs and I just recently found out they are on the Watch List for endangered heritage birds!!

Finally, I have 2 Ameracaunas - they are the largest chicks in my flock, a tad bossy but very funny and easy to handle. They coo more than they chirp and have distinct stripe marks down their backs. They are famous for laying blue shelled eggs that I cannot wait to start collecting!

And these lovelies, make up my first ever flock of chickens!!

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