The Tale of 3 Strawberries

Three years ago, I began my adventures in gardening solo. I have loved gardening since I was 4 years old, planting zinnias with my dad or tending to their veggie gardens in the summers while I grew up. But 3 years ago marked the very first year I would go it alone, planting anything I wanted in my very own yard! The most exciting plant I purchased? Strawberries! (I really, really love fresh strawberries). I tended that plant with love and care, nurtured it, fertilized it, watered it and when that first strawberry came, I was delighted! I picked that succulent strawberry and popped it in my mouth and it held the most amazing flavor! I was hooked!! I couldn't wait for the next one to ripen! So I waited.....and I waited...   

And I waited! Not one strawberry came after that! My plant produced one teaser and then layed dormant for the rest of the season. But I wasn't deterred!! I planted strawberries again the following summer and you will NEVER guess what happened?! Yup...this lone little strawberry {below} is the only one I got...again!!

Call me a sucker for punishment, call me crazy..but last year I planted strawberries again! I am determined to figure out the secret to growing copious amounts of strawberries, no matter how many trys it takes!! The funny part? I only grew one strawberry last year as well :(

Its becoming a running joke now in my family..the girl who can't grow strawberries. But I won't let that deter me..nope, I'm going for it again!! This year I have a different plan of attack:
1) Growing plants from seeds; and
2) Growing plants in the ground, not in pots (where I've had my many failures)
This past weekend, I planted my strawberry seeds (can't believe the time has come to start planning already!!)

I read the directions..

I watered and fluffed the peat moss..

And I planted the tiny, tiny seeds...

And now they are snuggled under this dome cover, {hopefully} working their magic and starting to sprout!! I will be keeping tabs on my strawberry seedlings and keeping you updated on how they are coming along...fingers are crossed that 2012 is the year of strawberries for me!!

If you know of or have any tips for gardening with strawberries, I would LOVE to hear them!! Take care everyone!! Have a great Wednesday!!


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