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Hey Everyone!!

I hope you all had an amazingly wonderful weekend!! Preferably in an area that did not get hit by that freak winter storm??!? (Okay yes, it is the middle of January..but you CANNOT drop 20 degrees in 1 day and not complain!!) I had plans of coming home to the city to visit my family yesterday but due to the storm, I stayed at the farm an extra night and came home today. Needless to say, I am missing my hubs back at the farm now but quite cosy in my old bedroom at the folks' house for a few days while I fill up on good 'ol city vibes ;)

Speaking of which, matter #1 I wanted to take care of was to stop by the photo centre where I have been sending all of my Project Life photos so I could get down to documenting my first 2 weeks of January..upon arriving at said photo centre I was informed that my photos were nowhere to be found..nowhere. Even though I received a confirmation email 5 days ago that my order was complete...nadda...ugh. So, I have resubmitted my order to a different photo centre and will be picking these up this week before returning home!! I really can't wait!
Any of you out there attempting PL without the Design A Photo Protectors?!? I have read that others are printing their photos and jotting down notes so that when the protectors are back in stock next month, they can begin documenting their PL...I don't know about you but I know myself and, if I don't work on it now, I never will!! So, with that in mind I have taken to writing down my notes in my daily agenda, plus sticking my photos in to a photo sleeve that holds 6 horizontal 4x6 photos to simulate the Design A me an idea of how it will actually look upon completion next month. I think this idea kind of rocks (definitely rocking my world) but...what are you doing til they are back in stock?!?
Speaking of Project Life, today while driving home on roads such as these:

I happened to look to my left and you will never guess what was flying next to my drivers side window:

Yup, a snowy owl!! Just flying right alongside cool is that?!? I couldn't believe it!! I, of course, immediately called Adam to let him know what I had just experienced (he, of course, did not find it as life altering as I had, but thats okay). This experience is definitely going in my Project Life this week and although I did not take my own photo of him..I will definitely print one and add it to my album!

Although I haven't created a layout for PL yet, the photos, the documenting and the "being mindful of the everyday" have been amazing. I cannot wait to get our lives down on these pages to document and remember for the rest of our lives.

Well its getting late here so I should get my sleepy self to bed...hope you all had a wonderful start to your weeks..Happy Crafting everyone!!



  1. Seeing a snowy owl IS so great! We had one on our neighbors roof and I tried to get a good shot of it... no luck...scared him off! And for PL - I am doing the same exact thing as you. Exactly. And I dont have any plans of moving it over to the A sleeves... I will leave it as is... and order the A sleeves once they are available. :) Thanks! have a great day.

    1. That sounds like a great idea Kim, just to leave it as is!!!


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