Something to Ponder..

Have you ever wondered what your "thing" was in life? Have you found it? Searched for it? Struggled to get it? Such a strange concept to imagine everyone has a "thing" in life, but, I truly do believe that we all possess the ability to create something..anything, that is unique to our being. As a young girl I would daydream of my future and the endless possibilities that it seemed to hold. And, while in college, I would be inspired by so many things but never fully understood how to carry it out to completion, be it a project, a business idea or anything in between. And, even today, I am still always wondering what exactly it is that I should/want to be doing in life.
I can spend hours online, searching thru inspiring blogs and telling myself I should be going out more and taking those beautiful photos I saw or creating that layout that made me get off my butt... but when I walk away to bring that motivation to my own life, I seem to lose the inspiration, why is that? Do you ever go through this in your own life?
So far what I have learned is that it is alright to keep working at figuring out who you are. It will always be healthy to work on yourself, grow, expand and learn something new. Through the growing phase its only natural to question your path but I know that it'll always work out, just the way it was supposed to. And if you yourself have questioned this exact same topic, please keep the following in mind:

Just something to ponder...have a great night everyone! Happy Crafting!


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