Burning Day!

Hi Everyone!
 I am over at my inlaws so thought I'd create a quick post so as to not leave this blog so dang quiet. I've thought about blogging every day and, if I had internet, I would have posted every. single. day. Hopefully we'll get the issues resolved shortly, but until then..please accept my apologies!!!

Two days ago I experienced my first burning day on the farm. Branches and garbage that had been collected over the last year and a half were piled out beside our dug out and finally, on Thursday..it was time for it to burn!! The heat from the fire was incredible and the photos I captured are definitely going in my Project Life album (still have not received my PL contents, but I am keeping track on my calendar and taking photos none-the-less). anyways, without further hesitation..here are some of my favs from Thursday:

My Father-In-Law (showing us how its done!)

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