Its Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas...

So, so, SO excited for the month of December...I'm so excited that it is FINALLY here!! December is by far the most treasured month of the year for me..filled with sparkle and magic, whats not to love? We are just getting settled back in to our cozy farm life from our whirlwind wedding and honeymoon and although there is so much to do, all I can think about is pulling out every Christmas decoration I own and turning this place into a home that even Buddy the Elf would love ;)

This month I will also be working on my December Daily..which will be the 3rd year in a row I will attempt to actually complete an album! Seeing as I have yet to complete an album, I'm determined that this will be the year it actually happens! Are you jumping on the bandwagon and working on one as well? Since we just got home on Tuesday, I have yet to pick up my Studio Calico pkg (that holds this years' December Daily supplies) from the Post Office and therefore have no pages to show at this time..but I did take photos to document the 1st of December, and thought these would suffice, for now ;)

Our first day of December was filled with glorious snow that fell the night before, taking photos for this years' Christmas card and working on our new home that we are hoping to move in to this weekend (yay!) ... and here are the photos that will go on to my page...

Isn't it beautiful? December is the ONLY month that I don't care how much it long as it sticks around for the 25th ;)

Our driveway! One of my favorite things about living on a farm in winter is that the freshly fallen snow is rarely disturbed by people, making for gorgeous winter photos!

I bought these reindeer "hats" a few years ago and came up with the idea to use these this year while we were in Italy. And my amazing hubby agreed!! Gotta love a man in a silly antler hat ;)

Its goofy, I know...but it makes me smile!!

 This is quite possibly one of my favorite photos from our photo session yesterday! I told him to make a funny pose and this is what he pulled off. When I pulled out the antlers, he looked at me, wondering (hoping!) that I was joking..but nope, this year we're going to have fun with it!!

Of course I had fun with it...and why wouldn't I?
It made for an awesome Christmas card design that
I know our families will love :)

Eeek! Can't wait to see the final, printed cards! They should be here by next week and you can be sure I will include one in my December Daily album!

One thing I will have difficulty with though is the lack of printers in our area! I'm so used to having photo places around me while living in the city...this could take some getting used to!!

And finally, this is my Mother in Law helping me with the backsplash of our future kitchen. Her and I make a pretty great team and although we've never tiled before, I think we're doing pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;)

So thats it! Our 1st of December in a nutshell!! How will you be documenting your Holidays? I'd love to hear from you!!! Happy Crafting everyone!!

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  1. I love your photos! You so remind me of my daughter and her new husband. they would have fun and be silly like that in photos. In fact, some of their wedding photos are like that from their wedding this past July. :D


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