The Honeymoon Smash*

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Fall weekend. I cannot believe this amazing weather we are so crossing my fingers and hoping it will stay around for a few more weeks as....*drumroll please* it is just TWO WEEKS until our wedding!! Can you believe it? I definitely cannot WAIT until November 5th :)
P.S - can you believe its November in less than 2 weeks already?!? Sheesh!

Okay, so I have been busy with wedding prep, designing, cutting, emailing, calling - you name it. But my To Do list is trimming down daily, and that makes me one happy Bride!! Also, our honeymoon is booked and we will be taking off on November 7th! EEEEEK!!!! Yes, my blog will remain silent for the month of November, but I PROMISE I will have LOTS to share when we return!!!!!!!

And since this honeymoon is a very big deal (in so many ways -our honeymoon + our first trip to Europe ever!) I wanted to document it right. And by that I mean, none of these failed past attempts where I bring a notebook and try to jot down our memories while forgetting most of it and having portfolios stocked full of memorabilia that just never made it to a page :( Nope, this time I'm smashing it in folks!

Yesterday I picked up my smash* International book and am so excited to fill it up with all of our memories from Paris & Italy :) And today, I have decorated my cover and thought I'd share! Hope you like it!!

I used mostly October Afternoon products on the cover:

When I saw OA's paper with the world atlas on it, I knew I wanted to cut out Europe and single out France and Italy - I love how this turned out!!

I also used smash* paper tape (polka dots) and Cavallini & Co's Paris tapes to add some texture to my cover - I love it :)

The "Nov" sticker is from Jenni Bowlin - thought it would be a sweet way of adding the month we went to the cover!

So thats my cover, what do you think? I am just so excited to start filling the pages up with everything we find over there!! Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Crafting!

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  1. this will be a great smash book..have a blast filling it up with lots of fun memories..


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