Puffy Marshmallows in the Sky..

Day 3 of the photo challenge - Clouds!
And for that: a view from the Prairies

Some may find it lonesome, some may find it eerie..but when I'm out in the middle of nowhere with my farmer, I find peace and stillness. I draw inspiration from the solitude of sitting and listening to my own thoughts and watching life unfold where it is completely undisturbed. Have you ever been able to sit for as long as you want and not hear anything but the wind or birds? Ever? I get to as often as I want to and I love it!
So often while living in the city I am frustrated by the motorcycles and the diesel trucks revving their engines as they carreen around the corner..the noise wrecks any solitude I may have had..but here, none of that exists!
Just clouds...floating across a big open space...{sigh}

~Just Breathe~

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