I am not the type of person that enjoys fact, that statement alone is quite the understatement! But, thankfully I do not fear change and because of that ability, it allows me to experience so many crazy events in this whirlwind journey we call... life..

My life has been a roller coaster this past month and I fear it has only begun! In just over a weeks' time I will be starting my new life with Adam. Living on the farm in another province entirely, prepping for our wedding in just a couple of months and opening a whole new chapter in our lives' story. Lately I have been spending my evenings packing up my belongings and stacking them, waiting for Adam to come this weekend and pick them up! I have been training my dear friend, who will be replacing me at the job I have been at for 4.5 years and  all around just trying to wrap my head around all these immense changes!

My future is up in the air and while it has been scaring the crapola out of me..I've decided to view it from a different perspective entirely now. Yes, my life is a HUGE way, but what lies ahead of me is the man of my dreams, my best friend and a blank slate that I get to paint in whichever way I want. I can get caught up on my scrapbooking, continue designing my greeting gosh, I can do ANYTHING!! Its such an amazing feeling...look out blog world..I'm going to finally have the time/ability to create and write as much as I've always dreamed of! The possibilities are truly endless!

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