Weekend Thru the Lens

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and all you mom's enjoyed a special Mother's Day yesterday! I made cards for both my momma & my future mother in law - both of which I love very much! Last night we celebrated at my parents' house with pizza & ice cream cake! YUM!

This weekend I was off to the farm to spend time with my farmer *grin*. We worked very hard as the season finally began! Saturday we sprayed 1100 acres in the sprayer .. a very long, 14 hour day sitting in the buddy seat did nothing for my muscles..but I came home smiling, and thats all that mattered!

This is Adam's new sprayer - he's pretty proud of it!! It measures 120ft wide and runs pretty smoothyl..when not hitting holes, crevices, rocks, etc hehehe

During the day we would get sprinkled on every now and then, but then the sun would always come out afterwards. And, to my delight, my first rainbow of the season appeared and it was every bit as beautiful as I remembered!

One of my favorite "finds" of the day were these little duck nests hidden amongst the fields. Adam was very careful not to disturb them and it was always fun counting the eggs and seeing the ducks keep a close eye on us to ensure their future young were taken care of

You know what's really lovely? Sitting out in the middle of nowhere and hearing nothing but the sound of the breeze blowing by the songbirds whistling around you .. *sigh* just perfect!

And at the end of the day the boys did their maitenance and cleaning up of the equipment while I walked around taking photos (of course) and when I turned around..I saw the sun beginning to set and caught this:

Now to me, that's just plain beautiful!

And yesterday we began seeding!! Adam was looking over his plans and figuring out how much liquid fert to mix up..he just looked so cute to me..one of my favorite photos of him to date!! What a great weekend we had!! Now its back to work and counting down the days til next time I can be back at the farm! (12 days to go!)

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