I am so in love with the lists I've been reading on blogs lately..just a record of whats going on at that exact moment in your life...and with that being said:


listening: to the sound of silence in my office

reading: I need a new book for the summer, hmm

watching: Law & Order: SVU ..I've PVR'd it and not afraid to admit it, I'm obsessed!

eating: Sour Cream Noodle Bake from PW yummy!

drinking: water ... and loving it!

wearing: the only sweater I could get out of my dresser drawer this morning..ugh, need to get that fixed ASAP!

feeling: foggy from allergy pills, but really, really happy in life

weather: grey, windy and raining...welcome Spring! hehe

playing: with scrapbook supplies daily

wanting: my farmer

needing: to lose that little extra weight I've been gaining since last year!

waiting: for my new niece/nephew to make their appearance next month!

enjoying: Skype with Adam

thankful: for my family & my friends

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