I had such an amazing night tonight! After work I went and stocked up on some much needed groceries - and I know that this seems like a chore to so many people, but I for one LOVE grocery shopping! Restocking my shelves and trying new things always excites me!! Nothing like a fully stocked pantry to make this girl smile :)

Then, once home I tried a new recipe from P Dub and I have to was heaven on a plate! So easy peasy to make (my favorite kind) and tastey!! Look at what I did!! I turned all this...

In to this!! Mmmm...

Then, after cleaning up the kitchen I headed out with this guy:

handsome lil devil ain't he?

To pick up his "presents" before garbage day and I am proud to say that although it took me 3 days to do yard is completely clean now with not one speck of poop in it! A first since I don't know when..

I just did a happy dance..

Okay..anyways :) THEN to my delight...I found these..

After all the snow and cold and drudgery...Spring is actually tulips have broken ground and I was so giddy I had to run inside to grab my camera after taking some pics with my phone and sending them to Adam to prove how wonderful of a gardener I must be ;)

And then I was on a mission..what else could I find growing? Sure lilacs are in full bud too!!

Also I found a peony shoot in the ground (YAY) .. but didn't photograph it..sorry but my hands were already dirty from mucking around!! I am so excited though...I have so many plans going on in my head..I can't wait to get growing!!

Now its bed time for me..I have a phone date with my beau and then tomorrow is another new day!! Have a great night everyone!

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