Friday Randoms

Happy Friday everyone!!

We went an entire week without snow!! (knock on wood). Although the weekend temps are still looking a little cool & windy, it still promises to be a great  weekend to do a lot of Spring cleaning and organizing of the flower beds! Adam is on his way in to town as I type this and we have a VERY long to do list awaiting us!!  This weekend we are cleaning up the yard, taking down the Christmas lights (finally) and taking a load out to the dump from my interior Spring cleaning. Then we are shopping for things like toilets, bathtubs, showers & sinks for the new place PLUS a few wedding errands as well ;)

And with that, here are my Friday randoms.

- Today is the 2 year anniversary of my daddio being cancer free!! Its a huge, huge day and definitely something worth celebrating!! 2 years ago my dad was under the knife in Calgary and my mom, my aunt and I spent the day out and about, trying to take our minds off of everything that was happening. We shared a few laughs and a lot of tears that day..and now looking back, I am so grateful for the way everything has turned out

- I am working hard at purging my home and cleaning like a mad woman, for I plan to list it on the market for May 1st..the decision is bittersweet for me as I love the home I have created in the past year, but I am excited to move on to the next chapter of my life with my future husband and our new home!
-I have now successfully submitted 18 projects in to Paper Crafts Holiday Cards & More fingers are crossed as this is something I have wanted for years..April 29th is when the acceptance emails will be sent out..please cross your fingers with me!!
- I am cooking up a nice dinner for Adam and myself tonight..complete with homemade brownies for dessert (my specialty) .. was pretty ashamed when I realized we've been together 10 months now and I can count on one hand how many meals I've actually cooked for him ;) Don't get me wrong..I actually think I have a pretty valid "excuse" .. most weekends I'm there at the farm so we eat with his family, and when he comes to me, its a treat for him to go out to restaurants or we eat with my family! my life is going to change in just 4.5 months!!

Alright folks..looks like that's all for me this week!! Have a super awesome weekend, enjoy the sunshine (if you get any) and I will see you next week! Happy Crafting everyone!!

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