Monday Randomness

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Hope all your weekends were fabulous :) I can actually say I really didn't do much Friday night or Sunday and Saturday I took a shopping road trip with some fabulous ladies to Calgary about 2.5 hours away .. it is always fun when us girls get together and hit the never know what you'll end up talking about or who will makes us laugh the most, but I can definitely say this trip did NOT disappoint!

And since I have tons of new cards to showcase but not one on this computer to download..I leave you with some Monday randomness:

- It finally started acting like Spring this past weekend - but alas, it isn't to be just yet..there are snowflakes falling on the ground as I type  :(
- I think I'm having some major B12 issues lately..I'm always sleepy and have very little energy .. must. increase.dosage. ASAP!
- I haven't seen my beau in 8 days now and I miss him so very, very much ..damn you SK winter storms!
- I finally found my dream yellow purse at Winners the other day and quickly snatched it up..only to leave a nice blue ink mark on it shortly thereafter...any ideas how to get ink out of leather?!? PLEASE?!
- I lost 2 lbs last week .. *sigh* if only that were enough
- I'm intrigued by the thought of merging my two loves of cardmaking and photography - I'm not knowledgeable in Photoshop so could be interesting..but love thinking about possibilities!!

Well thats all the randoms I can pull out of my head today...have a great evening everyone!

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