It doesn't take much for me to completely fall head over heels in love with something I see .. especially when its paper. Or stamps. Or pretty colors. Or a mixture of them all! Today, while browsing Pinterest (my new favorite love), I came across some of Mish Mash's creations..and WHUMP!

{that was me falling off my chair}

Photo from Mish Mash herself

Like..hello gorgeous!! this single post alone has reignited my passion for sewing and buttons..and yumminess! The colors alone make me giddy..I am vowing to live in a world full of these colors from now on :) Visions of creations for new babies, Spring, Summer, gardening...ack...

Needless to say my poor bank account was violated once again by the purchase of this beautiful stamp set .. {at first I wondered how I could've missed it, but then realized that it was released while I was on vacay}.. so "oh yes wait a minute mr. postman hey hey hey hey" .. i'll be waiting for you!!

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