Crafty Get Togethers

It's finally here!! The day we take off for sunny California :) We have been planning and waiting for this day for months..I never thought it would arrive! With that being said, any blog posts that appear between now and February 22nd are all pre-written and scheduled..(didn't want to leave things too quiet over here in blogland!)

And carrying on with my February "Love List"..Day 5 is all about crafty get togethers! I don't know if you have noticed, but craft groups are showing up everywhere in magazines this month! From Country Living (UK), Martha Stewart and even Better Homes & Gardens! Unfortunately, I do not have many people in my circle at the moment that I could host these kinds of events with..but I'm determined to find some! Being creative and making crafts is always fun for me..but being around other inspirational crafters would make the experience so much more meaningful!

Photo: Martha Stewart February 2011 issue

The blogging community is an amazing resource for finding inspirational crafters that you can identify with and, if given the chance, I can only imagine what my "dream team" would be if I could select a group of crafters to spend the day with, making cards and getting glittered up with...Melissa Phillips, anyone? That!

Do you attend craft workshops? Have a group of friends that meets regularly  to work on fun projects with? If so..I envy you! If, like me, you are still searching for that group..why not take a chance and create your own? Attend a workshop at your LSS and find crafters that you just "click" never know where it could lead! Some times its best just to work alone..clear your mind and relax..but, as we all know..some times you just need a few friends to make it better ;)

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