Longing for Life

I'm writing this entry from my desk, which has a view of the cold snowy afternoon that is upon us. It has snowed and snowed and snowed and quite frankly..I'm ready for it to pack up and leave! Normally I love winter..sure, I could do without the cold..but I find the irridescent glow of the fallen snow beautiful and inspiring! But, once you've seen as much as we all have..it gets a little old :(

So..as my entry title suggests..I'm longing for life! I'm longing for the day when I can walk out my front porch and breathe in the dirt and the smell of the freshly cut grass and the life that happens all around us when flowers are in bloom..when life actually happens!

Thankfully this year I get a break..in just 19 days we are off to the Golden State..some place where I have never been and some place that I know will fill my soul with inspiration, beauty and a feeling of belonging. The more I research California, the more I realize I feel a kinship with this beautiful state..I feel like I could belong there and I'm so excited to take it all in, in just a few short weeks! I was laying in bed this morning thinking..I cannot believe I'm going to be in San Francisco in 3 weeks! I am going to Disneyland! I'm going to Venice, CA!! Its unbelievable!

Photo Courtesy of Flikr

And so, I'll be dreaming of Cali to get me through the next 3 weeks and if, when we get back, I'm still longing for life..I'll focus on photos like these..that make me giddy for Spring!!

Photo Source Unknown

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  1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the comments on my blog today and for the ever-so-sweet words about my spools. I love that project too because I'm a sucker for vintage spools. I've enjoyed perusing around your blog too. I'm in love with the second picture you posted here, the pink and blue tablescape. And funny enough, I know where it came from. I originally saw it posted on the blog of a Dutch magazine, 101 Woonideeen. http://www.101woonideeen.nl/
    It's a great design website, although not in English but I translate it! It's such a fun picture...I seriously need to exist within that picture. Looks like a fun party :)


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