Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

I had about an hour to browse blogs today and I couldn't help but feel so inspired by the images from around the world, that I wanted to started collecting them for my own personal "image library". Often times, I click on one link that sends me to another and other and before I know it I end up with a photo and no source of how to find it again! It can be so frustrating!! So I'm going to try a new method of cataloging my loves...wish me luck ;)

Also, I love going to inspiring blogs such as Postcards and Pretties, the way they collage their inspiration is wonderfully delicious for someone like myself and although I'm new at the collaged image, I thought I'd show you some of my favorite love images from my search today..

Photo's Courtesy of TinyWhiteDaisieis

Forgive the black I said earlier, I'm new at this! ;) But aren't these images some beauties? I want to crawl in to that teepee and eat fresh berries and drink champagne while planning my next big adventure...*sigh* .. oh right...

keep it movin'

Anywho..I have big changes coming in to my life in 2011.. BIG! And I think starting inspiration boards for focusing on my goals as I move through these changes will be the perfect medicine! I can't wait to see what I come up with! most often looking at other images inspires me and I can't figure out why..then I either print it out or move on and forget about it and I leave the inspiration in a dark corner of my brain, just waiting to be sparked again. I think its time to ignite that spark, don't you?

Whatever dream/inspiration it is you have been holding back on in your life..this is the year to see it come true. Breathe life in to it and live an inspired year with everything you do (easier said than done, I know!). I am going to sit down with the ideas swirling in my head, I'm going to pull them out, write them down, plan how to make them come true and see myself open doors to possibilities I never thought possible before! You should too!

And since I can't be all talk and no action on this blog, I'm going to list 3 personal goals of mine right here, right now {gulp}, here goes:

1) Get published in a paper crafts magazine, again. (My first published work was in Paper Crafts magazine's Sept/Oct 2010 issue!!)
2) Gear Tailored Sentiments towards generating my sole income; and
3) Design my own line of wrapping paper for Christmas 2011 (FUN!)

Okay...there it is, out in the blogworld for anyone and everyone to taking it back now! Now its your turn..I can't wait to see you plan, focus and realize your dreams this year too! Keep a look out for more inspiration boards/images on this blog and Happy Crafting everyone!!

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  1. Gorgeous roundup of inspiration! I absolutely love it all. I say, crawl inside the tepee and eat the cupcake! Good luck with your new year's resolutions :)


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