Okay..California could not come any sooner!! Last week we were above, -27 (thats -14 F, I believe) is COLD! I'm starting to think I could pull out my Christmas stamps again and they would feel right at home with this weather! A couple of coworkers and I walked 2 blocks for lunch and I honestly thought I would lose an ear..this is horrible! This morning, I let Jakey outside to do his thing and the poor thing (okay, he is a suck, but still!) he was stumbling towards the door, holding one paw up and switching it to another..they were so cold he couldn't walk anymore! He got to the door and just kind of slumped over, I had to pick his rump up and pull him inside! Yes, he is a spoiled 80lb doggy..but I don't care :)

Needless to say my Monday has not started off so well, besides the fact that it is so cold out: a) my car wouldn't start this morning so I had to call 3 coworkers before finally calling my dad to come drive me to work, b) I came to work only to find an error that occurred on Friday needed my immediate attention; and c) I still have this dang head cold! But I'm going to stay positive..after all, a week from today I will be soaking up San Francisco, many Albertans can say that?!

I hope you are all having a much better Monday than I am and I hope you are able to keep warm if you have been hit by this cold front as well :) I have a busy week ahead of me! I need to pack for our vacation, tidy up loose ends at work and its my Birthday on Friday..I will be 27 and loving it :) Have a great day everyone..Happy Crafting!

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