Recording October 2010

It's halfway through September already!! The leaves are changing and every day on my way to work I make note of the trees I want to photograph and am hoping I don't forget about it before its too late! And since time has a way of slipping away from me easily lately, I've decided to take a page out of Kelly Purkey's book and document my month of October. I'm going to find a super cute binder to hold all of my documentation in, get a large plastic baggie to hold all of my papers and found items in and this binder will hold everything that occured in my life for the month of October. Pictures, receipts, memories..all there for me to record.

I'm hoping this project will get me to slow down and realize what actually occurs on a day to day basis. I'm always jealous of all those bloggers who get amazing photos of every day life when the truth is, I could do the exact same thing, if I just took the time!

And since October is my favorite month of the year, what better month to stop and smell the changing leaves? Wish me luck, I'm going to need it! I'll share my progress with you all next month!!

Photo coutesy of Kelly Purkey

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