I'm dreaming of a...studio makeover

You thought I was going to say "White Christmas", didn't you? Nope, not today..although if I get some more painting done tonight in my front porch, you can bet I'll be downstairs whipping up more holiday goodness! Nope, today I'm talking about my crafts studio (or lack thereof). When I moved in to my new home this past Spring, visions of shelving and painting and countertops danced in my head. And now, 6 months later, there are still boxes everywhere and, well really, one giant mess. It's so hard to work around and I know that if I just took a few nights to organize my space I'd be lauging, but craft time is sparse for me lately and when I do have a few minutes.. cleaning and organizing are NOT on the top of my list!

But, I do know that the day will come when I can have the studio of my dreams. So, until then I will be collecting images and trying to get a feel for just exactly how I want it to be. For instance, wouldn't this be devine to have?

Yup, I definitely want one of these! I guess I need to start attending flea markets!! Ohh, or what about this storage unit?!

I just love hunting through other crafter's studios..you just never know what you're going to find!! Well, back to dreamland for me..happy crafting everyone!

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