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I am in love with yet another beautiful blog..have you heard of it? Meadowbrook Farm is something of a dream & a goal of mine..ahh, the simple life in the country. If you have 5 mins that could easily turn in to an hour, click on the link above and immerse yourself in beautiful photography, yummy recipes and an inside look at a beautifully quiet lifestyle.

Now I know that rural living and farming isn't everyones' cup of tea and I am more than willing to admit that after 26 years of living in a small city, a farm life would be an adjustment..but its something I've dreamt about for years. I've always wanted to move out of the city, live in a beautiful farm house with a wrap around veranda, grow a huge vegetable garden & have flowers as far as the eye could see. I could imagine the pitter patter of my children's feet while they follow me in the garden and their laughter while playing with the baby ducks that would wander thru the yard..yup, its so vivid it's pratically real to me..and this blog just brings me right back to that dream. *sigh* someday that will be my reality..

Until then I will continue to wake up in my new home that is perfectly decorated to suit me and I will look out to the expanse of lawn in my backyard and pretend it's my farm away from farm ;)

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