Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Sorry that the blog has been quiet, but its just been one of those weeks, you know? Nevertheless, to make up for my being a bad blogger, I have a LOT to share with you today!! First off some pictures..shall we?

Yesterday was "dress up" day in the office and I couldn't WAIT to dress up as a witch and show off my EBay witch shoes!!

Here's my spoooooky office ;)

And the annual "Boys and Me" photo..(see the shoes? They rock!)
And now for the real show stopper..my niece came trick or treating already this morning in her little bunny outfit..is she not the most adorable 14 month old ever??

I baked her chocolate chip cookies and threw in some cheerio's and gold fish and happily sent her on her way to find more goodies!!

This is her saying goodbye one last time ;)

And it wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin shot now would it? Here's the 2009 Petrick Pumpkin!!!

Okay..so now that the photos are out of the way..on to the 2nd last card of Halloween ;)

I used my fun new image and sentiment from Eat Cake Graphics which is a company I just happened to stumble upon a few months ago and am SO glad that I did! Isn't this hilarious?!?!

The sentiment reads, "Halloween Tip #72: Don't drink and fly"!! And its hard to tell but that little potion bottle falling out of her purse reads "Fart 'n Go"..hahaha too cute!
So that has been our Halloween around here..how about you? Have any trick or treaters getting anxious about tonight? I'm hoping to see quite a few cuties on our doorstep but the wind here might wreak havoc on some little ones as its blowing pretty good!!
I'm posting another card here in a minute so make sure to check in again soon! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what GREAT pictures! Love your witch costume (and the ROCKIN' shoes)!!


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