Bustin Loose

Hey Everyone!

Back from our trip and just wrapped up the Bustin Loose Race to End Breast Cancer! The weather is chilly and rainy and dreary, but the race was a huge success with tons of people coming out despite the weather! I had a great time and met a lot of women, so all in all it was a great morning! Just wanted to share a few photos of the table with you..

I searched high and low for a black tablecloth and finally found it! But my favorite part? The little polka dot wrapped present..perfect to go with my polka dot theme of my business!

Here's a close up of the polka dots :)

And just some of the many crazy ladies!
Now that this race is over, I'm going to cozy up and relax for the first night in a very long time! I was invited to another expo in November that I'm seriously considering..but that work can wait for another night!! I look forward to settling in to a routine again and prepping for Christmas, which I cannot believe is 3 months away! I'll be back tomorrow with another card..take care and enjoy your Sunday evenings!
Happy Crafting!

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