I can't believe she's ONE!!

One year ago today, my best friend gave birth to my niece Makiya..and she has changed my world ever since. Born August 15, 2008 @ 6:36 am..Ms. Makiya is the most beautiful baby I've ever laid eyes on :) I never thought I would have kids before I met her and now, she's shown me that having kids is the only path that would be right for me..this is us girls last year..

And this is us today..wow how things have changed!

I sat in awe today watching this little person in front of me..watching her crawl around and whispering to herself and wondering, "where the heck did time go?" It seems like yesterday I ran up to the hospital to meet her and was so scared to hold her..and now? I'm an aunty to a one year old..someone who smiles when she sees me and giggles and plays! She's amazing and I love her soo much!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

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  1. She is adorable. Love the picture with the cake on her face.


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