A great reason to make a card!

Hey Everyone!
I'll be back later with my regular post, but this caught my eye and I wanted to spread the word! As my dad is a very recent cancer survivor, I teared up while reading Jennifer McGuires post and I knew that I wanted to make a sweet card for this beautiful little girl. So, as if we all need a reason to make a card, but grab some cs and pp and get making those cards ladies!! Here's the deets:
-Kate, a 5 year old daughter of the McRae family, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer 6 weeks ago
-Go to www.prayforkate.com for more information on this family
-to help, we can all send cards to Kate and her family for encouragement and to give them strength and hope
-Send your card(s) to Jen McGuire, by October 1st and they will pay to ship these cards to the family..address is:
Jennifer McGuire
Card Drive for Kate
PO Box 428612
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Go to Jen's blog (link above) for all the information! Take care and thanks for your support in this wonderful cause!

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