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Hey Guys!
We're half-way through the week!! I hope you are all doing fantastic and are starting to plan your weekend activities! I know I am!!
Today's card is in honor of my grandpa Petrick, who passed away 11 years ago today on his 73rd birthday. It was a very unexpected passing, but we were all able to say our goodbyes which is a blessing that not all families receive.
My grandpa was an amazing man, he was hilarious and strong and I have the greatest memories of him when I was growing up and that is something that can never be taken from me. What symbolizes my grandpa best is anything to do with camping as we would spend almost every weekend and every summer out at our cabin. And when I say "we", I mean all 4 of my grandparents' children and then all of us grandkids! It was a crowded place, but it was the best! We'd have bbq suppers, make popcorn and walk down to the outdoor theatre to watch movies, play at the beach, have pancake was great!

And yes, you can tell by this photo that he was quite the character :)
So for my card today I used TCP's new stamp set: Happy Camper. This set makes me giggle and I can't wait to use it again and again!!
Okay so there were no bears at the lake, but we did feed a lot of deer and squirrels!
I used Liquid Applique on the clouds and the roasted marshmallow to make them light and fluffy :)

So there's todays' card!! I hope you guys have a great evening and I will be back tomorrow!!
Happy Crafting!

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