Little Ladybug

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It's a short week for us Canadians as Monday was a holiday, so this week is flying by for me! Its a gorgeous evening here, nice and sunny and actually decent temperatures (especially seeing as it was trying to snow this morning!). As I mentioned in my previous post, my girlfriend/coworker is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.. and since I know she has a love of ladybugs, I decided to make her a set of 4 'Thank You" cards that are just her style..

I used my 'Little Lady' stamp set for my lady bug and as well as her flight pattern styled dots and the sentiment came from Dawn McVey's very own handwriting in this set! I finished off the card by adding a scalloped border in True Black, polka dot ribbon in Pure Poppy and True Black as well as used Black Diamond stickles in the spots on the ladybugs' back..

Just a little something for her that I am throwing in with a garden paver I found that has a lady bug on it made from hundreds of little pieces of glass.. I know she'll love it all!!
Have a great night everyone!

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