its the ups and downs..

we have been home on the farm for a week now from our family vacation in Hawaii and life has been happening all around us. The weather has been unseasonably warm and I have soaked it up as much as one possibly could have, spending mornings letting the chickens out, cleaning their coop, raking leaves up from the beds and pulling foliage from cosmos and sunflowers for the compost pile. I excitedly planted my first tomatoes and flowers on my potting bench and stared thru the plastic dome like an excited child waiting by the oven for that fresh, hot chocolate chip cookie..waiting. We moved our farm machinery back to the yard for its yearly maintenance before we start seeding in a couple of weeks and even spent evenings out on the swing in t-shirts while dinners cooked on the bbq. Its Spring here on the farm..and I love it!

of course with all the excitement that life offers, so comes life's trials and challenges. this week Hudson is teething something fierce and my heart breaks for this period in his life. Two days ago, he began cutting 3 new teeth..all at once! his nose was running, drool trickled out from his sweet little mouth, a painful diaper rash erupted on his bottom and he was NOT happy!! My poor little baby is growing up!! Its exciting but challenging..

beyond the aches and pains of toddlerhood came even bigger heartbreaks for our family this week. My husbands grandma landed in the hospital near the tail end of our vacation with pneumonia and only recently was released. Then my mom let me know my uncle was hospitalized for stomach pains and was diagnosed with stomach cancer and is needing his entire stomach to be removed quickly. Then a text from my best friend about a personal heartbreak of her was just one thing after another. People around me are hurting and I wish I could take that hurt for them and give them hope.

Then yesterday, I received a text from a very dear friend of mine that finally broke me. Her beautiful daughter, who just turned 1 last week and was born with down syndrome, has been diagnosed with a form of leukaemia. I was shattered. This family has already been through so much and this precious little girl..why? Why is this all happening? What is going on? I know its not for me to question the why's or the how's of this world but somedays I cannot help myself. Everyone is going through some form of struggle and I guess thats "just life"..whatever that means..

so here's to the ups and downs of life. the struggles and the victories. the hurt and the joy.

here's to life..


  1. Dawn, I'm so very sorry to hear all this sad news. That is a lot for anyone to take in, sending you lots of love and prayers and hugs friend.
    Poor Hudson, teething is so hard, more for us moms then them I think. I'm sure you've tried everything right? Once you find something that helps just keep doing it till he's all better. Hugs for your sweet boy too.
    Take care and enjoy every minute as you already do, try to catch up on your PL soon and share please, would love to see them.

  2. There is such a strange combination of sadness and joy in life. Hearing these stories just reminds me of my own. The other day we also came home from a family vacation. I checked the answering machine when I walked in the door and was just bombarded by so much bad news. A death in the family, sickness among friends.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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