Week in the life - Sunday Photos

You guys...we did it! We made it the FULL week in documenting our lives.. I don't know about y'all but I think that deserves a fist bump ;) I cannot believe I stuck with the entire week.. its unheard of

Now of course, putting it altogether is another story entirely..Lord help me. But I am determined you guys...so so SO determined to stick this project through and have a completed album. And after this is done? I am going to start on my December Daily album...and that too will get completed!!

Sunday was a very quiet day for us. Adam worked in the field from 6 until 4:30 so Hudson and I stayed in and worked around the house. It was cold, windy and grey outside and even though we attempted a walk..it last maybe 5 mins...brr

Then last night we got a start on hanging our exterior holiday lights (hello happy momma!!) We didn't get much done but have plans to get up tomorrow morning and "get r done". I don't have many photos from today...but here are a few of what I did manage to capture:

Hudson was up pretty early today (6:15 but stayed in his crib til 7:10) then he proceeded to play and giggle and shriek for most of the morning. My kid is seriously awesome

the furnace was running, the slippers were cozy and the coffee was hot...perfect Sunday if you ask me ;)

sunday is also the day I attempt to get out from underneath all the piles of laundry..... *sigh*

Other than that..it was holiday light time!!

to finish the evening, we did the usual (food/bath then bottle of milk) and caught How the Grinch Stole Christmas on television...YAY!

all in all a nice, quiet Sunday spent with my family...my favourite way to spend the day :) I'll be back soon with my completed album (fingers crossed!!) Thanks for coming along this week as I share a few of my daily photos..its been such a blast and I feel a little sad its over but so happy to move on to the next challenge!! December Daily, here I come!

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  1. Hi Dawn, well done, YOU DID IT!! WE DID IT!! So happy we both made it through the week and enjoyed it. So many happy memories and pictures to treasure now, YAY!! These are gorgeous again, wish you could come take some for me, lol.
    That window in your living room is so nice, I could stand there all day and look out during the day, must be amazing. YAY for lights, your favorite thing, so happy you got a start on them.
    After taking pictures all week, I'm reallllly wanting to paint our living room walls white, might have to do that before the holidays if we can swing it.
    I'm thinking about getting a real tree again this year, it was so wonderful last year and know it really made a difference. Also played holiday music this weekend, that was huge for me, lol.

    I do have a post up but not my WITL pictures, those will come next week. Felt good to read blogs and do a blog post from my new monitor. So glad you shared yours here, thank you!
    Happy Monday, and I am cheering really loud from OHIO for you to get your WITL album done!! YOU CAN DO IT !!!! xo


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