Strawberry Patch

Recently, Adam and I planted over 100 strawberries in my new garden. We have been dreaming about its harvests ever since!!

60 of the plants were purchased online back in March while the remaining plants were transplanted over from my old garden. Which is funny considering I never intended to have strawberries in my first garden at all (it wasn't a permanent garden to begin with!) but a transplanted iris from my aunts garden brought alone a runner with it and, before you know it, I have strawberries!!

We worked meticulously together, side by side. Adam would mark off a straight line every 2 feet for rows and would dig a small hole every 6-8" for me to come along and plant my little babies. We talked about how much we enjoy being in the garden and working together to produce some of the most amazing tasting food we have ever eaten. It was a perfect morning and I was 100% in my element

Each strawberry plant that was transplanted has survived in this new garden of mine and I couldn't be more excited

and now all thats left to do is water, weed and wait!! But, until my patch starts really producing, I purchased started plants to tie us over and last night, we harvested a couple of delicious homegrown strawberries for dessert and let me tell you, they may have looked "off" but, they were amazing

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