Patience is a virtue..

I don't know about you but this time of year always tests my patience in the best way possible. Winter has finally left us and Summer is just on the horizon..and Spring is the magical time when the world comes back to life! I walk around my yard every day, looking for evidence of new life beginning. Did those bulbs I plant last Fall take? Are they growing? What did I plant there? Is that perennial going to come back? What should I plant there? I want so badly to see everything bloom that I find it so hard to be patient for it!

Every day I go out with my camera hoping to capture the newest bud opening or the latest seed to push thru the soil. I know that it won't be long until everything is lush and green again and I will be cursing the heat but right now? I'm full of anticipation!

So far in my garden, the rhubarb plants have been busy pushing their way up through the dirt again..

The peonies are showing promising signs of another beautiful Spring..

The sweet peas I sowed are finally making their way up my willow obelisk..

Life is returning to the farm again..oh Spring, I have missed you more than you will ever know..

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  1. I love reading this Dawn, can hear the excitement and feel you smiling. So happy we can share this love of nature and growing things and we try to be patient. My camera has been in my hand on these daily walks too, just this week we finally have new blooms to see. The lilacs are starting, new leaves on trees, dandelions everywhere, yellow flowers up front and white blossom on our apple trees!! This makes me very happy too, especially after this loooong cooooold winter, so good to be outside again and know that spring is slowly coming in.

    Soak it all up my friend and keep smiling and documenting it all!!

    Read thru the rest of your posts below and love reading them and happy your blogging. Have a wonderful week my friend!


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