"Jolly" Jump Around

My little man turned 3 months last Friday...3 months. Let that soak in for a moment about just how quickly time slipped away from all of us. It seems like yesterday I was miserably walking around every place I could to get labor going and now I have a smiling, cooing little boy that challenges me daily and makes me thank God for him every single minute. He's the center source of joy and frustration in my life..quite an amazing responsibility, isn't it?

Yesterday we decided Hudson was finally big/strong enough for his new Jolly Jumper that we received as a baby shower present. I kept assuming my little man was too small for this thing but, the truth is..he's not so little anymore! Enter mini heartbreak -> here <- br="">
He's going to be a wild one, I can see it now..feet kicking, arms swinging..he just wants to get going and see this whole new world he's being introduced to. His wonder and amazement at every little thing he sees truly makes me stop and realize how blessed we are to live this beautiful life alongside him.

We placed Hudson in his jumper and hung it in a door frame and watched his reaction. I think the fact that he was standing on his own took him by surprise as his big blue eyes kept staring at us in surprise! But then he realized he could pivot himself any direction his little heart desired and away he went, even cracking a few smiles along the way! I've said it before and I'll say it again...childhood is pure joy and I'm so grateful that I get to be his mom and witness it for myself. Reminding me of whats important in life and taking it in one day at a time..

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