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I have been reflecting on this past year a lot lately and am really hating that I did not document 2013 properly. Sure, I share photos almost daily on my Instagram feed, but I barely took the time to really document our everyday. Life on the farm is busy and exciting year round but I just kind of..let it go by. When I look over the photos I *did* take, I realize that this is quite the beautiful life I've been blessed with and it needs to be recorded!!

I have access to some of the best camera equipment available and an IPhone yet I stopped taking pictures like I used to. I used to carry my camera everywhere and snap photos of everything! My surroundings, the people in my life, flowers, name it! Now, I know this may sound silly to those that know me because I'm still always taking photos..but, to me, they aren't enough! So, I've set a goal for myself..


Take my camera with me, use it, get those photos onto my computer, make prints, share them online..record our lives. Such a simple task, in theory! And with that goal comes the hope that I will pick up blogging again as well. I posted so much in 2012 and it felt good, really good to sit and write about our life and my random thoughts. So here we go in 2014..I'm hopeful the motivation stays to truly share our farmlife with you here on this little country blog. 

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  1. Try and stay in the moment and carry your camera with you. Sometimes I wish I ould take photos with my eyes.


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