Harvest 2013

Harvest is currently in full swing for us here on the farm and I am loving it! Its truly the most exciting time of the year for us farm families, the fields are full of combines and tractors, semi's hauling grain and farm wives helping out move trucks, cart lunches and do whatever else we can to make things proceed smoothly. We started our harvest on August 19th and have about a week and a half to two weeks left to go. Busy but very rewarding time for us!! We have already harvested our brown and oriental mustard fields as well as our lentil fields. All that's left is our durum (wheat) fields which, honestly? Are my favorite! Today I rode around in the combine with Adam while we cut the wheat and I could have stayed in there all day, its mesmorizing to stare out at miles of beautiful golden wheat as it sways before you....ahh, I truly am a farmgirl at heart! Here are a few of my favorite shots of our harvest so far:

Such a fun time of year!! We will definitely cherish these photos as a family for years to come!!

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  1. Ah, I just discovered your blog! You sound soo much like me! I am also a Canadian (from northern BC) but now living with my hubby on the family ranch in Montana. Love the life, and am getting chickens in the spring, and am pumped for my garden next year for my second time! Look forward to your posts!


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