Mornings on the Farm

I cannot preach enough about my love of life on the farm. Growing up in the city, I dreamt about this life..I didn't know anything about it or how I would achieve it..but I knew it was for me. I could feel it. My last year in the city I lived in my own cute little home that I loved, but I cannot tell you how frustrating it was for me to try and garden peacefully while on a busy main road with a bus stop literally on your lawn. Or trying to capture a beautiful sunrise thats hidden behind rows and rows of houses or concrete buildings. Sure, the city offers luxeries I love {shopping, family, take-out}..but, give me the fresh country air. Give me fields as far as the eye can go. Give me space to grow a 2,000sq ft garden that looks small in scale..give me the farm life. I live & breathe it and I'm surprising myself with how passionate I've become about it. Its a lifestyle for sure, but its a darn good one at that ;)

Mornings on the farm in particular are my favorite, especially in Spring and Summer (but Fall & Winter are really quite charming as well!) The days are fresh, the sun streams thru the trees, there are eggs to collect and small chores to do..its just..*sigh*...awesome. I often daydream about adding more life to the farm..children, different name it. I want this place to hum with life and only makes it that much better. Knowing I can go out every morning and here the crow of my roosters or the chirps of my baby chicks just makes me smile. Even my father in law, someone who often bugs me about having chickens, says he loves listening to the hens and made this place feel more like a farm than ever before.

Every morning, coffee in hand, I walk down to my coop to let my chickens out for the day and do my usual check around the perimeter to make sure everyone is safe & sound and that they had no visitors during the night..
Of course I top their feed off almost every morning..and even that is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I know that sounds ridiculous but trust me, when you raise these little ones since they were a day old and you see them recognize you and come running to you for food and melts your heart a little every time..
and then, once the chicks and chickens have been fed & "watered", its time for a walk with my boys. Easily another favorite part of my mornings. The boys get excited every time and I love seeing my Jakey run in the fields with abandon..he has never had this much freedom and space and he just loves it..
On our walks we get to enjoy dirt roads and plenty of space..and even a tour around our yard leaves us with so much to take in..
and if thats not enough, we get to come across little signs of Spring like this, all over the place!
After my morning walks with the boys, I head back to the coop to check on my ladies to see if they've finished laying their eggs for the day. Some days they lay til 3 pm while other days their daily laying is done by 10 am! Its always such a treat for me to go in and collect these. I feel so blessed to have chickens for entertainment and for the delicious food they provide our family. Knowing where your food comes from is becoming more and more important to me, especially after last Fall when I was harvesting from my garden and collecting eggs for the first time..such a great feeling!
The rest of my days are filled with errands, cooking, paying bills, cleaning and helping out on the farm whenever another pair of hands is needed. My life on the farm is by no means perfect but I lay my head on my pillow every night feeling grateful and thankful for the life I've been given. Farm life is full of hard work, family, good times and hard times..and its truly fantastic!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are. I'm busy making a batch of strawberry jam this afternoon and then its off to make homemade tomato sauce and some rolls of crusty bread..looks like a weekend of cooking and baking is ahead of me while Adam prepares for seeding out in the shop! Life is coming back to the farm after a long, cold Winter, and I couldn't be more excited!!


  1. What a wonderful perspective! I always wondered what farm life would be like. I grew up in small town SK but never experience farm life. Thanks for sharing. Great photos too.

  2. Hi Dawn!! I LOVE this post so much, life on the farm sounds so good to me. Actually jealous of all that land, farm, chicks that you have. I too dreamed of a farm one day but don't think a whole farm will happen. Will settle for some chickens though in the future.

    Keep writing these on the farm posts please, LOVE THEM! Great pictures too.


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