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Drinking: Coffee...I used to hate it, then I started drinking a little bit at the hospital this Winter and now I can easily down 2-3 huge mugs of it/day. I find it so comforting, from the smell of the grinds when you open up the canister in the morning to the smell of the freshly brewed pot and that first swallow of warmth that trails right down to your tummy...*sigh*
Eating: Eggs! I currently have 5 dozen fresh eggs from my chickens and I'm running out of room..anyone need some farm fresh eggs? They're good..believe me!
Listening: to the sounds of saws once again. My brother and father in law are currently laying hardwood here in the dome now that the tiling is done and things are getting exciting. There has been talk of a possible move date after seeding..and that? Well that just made my month!
Wearing: comfy pants and sweaters folks...its Spring and its snowing. 'Nuff said, lol
Reading: The newest UK editions of Country Living and Country Homes and Interiors. I am a monthly subscriber and these magazines are divine. Going to England and discovering their countryside is a must do on my bucket list!!
Feeling: excited to switch houses and finally have a home of our home. Frustrated with all the bad things that have been going around lately. Happy my little Honey is making a recovery. Sad but also contentment. I'm a ball of emotions apparently!
Weather: Its April. Which actually isn't totally unusual for us but still, I'm so over Winter this year it isn't even funny
Wanting: my Daddio
Needing: a change. Change in seasons, change in routine, change in life..
Wishing: I could rewrite this Winter and have a completely different outcome
Thinking: about renovations for our future farmhouse, our future family, my 2013 garden and all the possibilities that await us
Enjoying: having Honey and Daisy inside with us again. I really missed not having the chicks inside {they do belong in a brooder outside but its so fun having them in with us}their antics make me giggle and somedays..thats just gotta be enough!
Loving: my texts from mom lately. She's keeping herself busy at home and by busy, I mean she's tearing rooms apart and redoing them like her and dad always said they would. Its keeping her going and some of the things shes doing make me smile {homemade gyproc putty anyone?! lol}

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  1. I loved reading this post, these are always fun to do. The smell of coffee is wonderful to me also but the taste is to strong? but tea is perfect for me. Doesn't smell as good though, too bad.

    Hoping spring will really come your way to stay soon, we all need that change of seasons too.

    Hugs for you and your mom, glad to hear she's keeping busy.

    LOVED your post below, you are such a good mama to your chicks. Hope they stay healthy and continue to grow for you now.

    Oh I have a recipe for a dish that takes 8 eggs if that would help.

    Take one bag of southern hashbrowns, you know the cubed kind in the frozen section.

    spread them into a 13x9 baking dish, mix in a whole box of microwave bacon, crumbled up and 1/2 cup shreded cheese and sprinkle salt. Mix this together, I use my hands.
    Then stir together 8 eggs in a bowl and pour evenly over the top of the hashbrown mix and sprinkle Paprika over it.
    Cover with foil and cook at 375 for about 50mts. check and see if eggs cooked enough to your liking and cook a little longer if needed.
    I LOVE LOVE this dish and makes enough for leftovers the next day.
    You could serve it with bisquits or toast like we do and some fruit. Hope this helps.
    Have a good weekend


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