Ready for Spring

Hi my friends!

I don't know why I'm not blogging more but I have to admit..I've been busy. We are still under so much snow here at the farm that its hard to believe it actually is officially Spring now. This time last year we were working on farm machinery, getting things ready for seeding and buds were appearing on all our shrubs. This year..its cold, its still snowing and we are getting pretty anxious.

I know I for sure cannot wait to throw open our windows to let the fresh, Spring air in along with the chirping of some neighboring robins in the treetops below us..

Until then, we'll keep plugging away on the construction of my inlaws' monolithic dome that we currently reside in. At the moment, the 4,000 sq ft of tile are being laid and its a mighty big job..but its getting done!
As for me, I'm so far behind Project Life it isn't even funny. I currently have 4 weeks completed out of the 12 that I should have..ugh. And the truth is, I'm taking the pictures..I'm trying to stay afloat because I really do want to record this year for so many reasons..but I just can't seem to find the time. Its a goal of mine here in April to get fully caught up, so be on the look out for posts and updates!
Also, as per my previous post..I have some sweet little fluffballs in a brooder once again this year and I am loving them to bits. I have a post planned thats all about them but for's a cute "watering hole" photo I took of them last night..
Talk soon friends!

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for this cute update! I LOVE LOVE seeing all those fluffballs together like this, so CUTE!! The dome is looking amazing, I love all that light from the windows. Keep taking pictures and have fun in April catching up with Project Life. Keep it simple, photos and words and a few skipped days is ok too, shows that you were busy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love our first mini Disney album. This time will be so different now that they are older. Might just add on to that album and of course tons for my PL that week.
    We are waiting for spring also. Just got more snow and snow showers expected today and tomorrow. Going to head to the track hopefully this morning though. Tired of waiting and letting this cold weather stop me from my walks.
    Take care Dawn, hugs and prayers!


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