Happy New Year!

Its a New Year my friends...and its full of magnificent possibilities!

First off, I wanted to thank you all so much for your sweet comments and support on my last post about our family. Your outpouring has been so appreciated!! It felt so good to talk about it openly and get it out of my mind and on to "paper". I feel it was very much needed. And now that its a new year, we are looking forward to a fresh start with many good things to come!!

I am still in the city with my family, Adam went home to the farm on Sunday to get caught up on work that needed tending too but will be stopping in periodically to visit and for support. I am keeping my eyes, fingers, legs and toes crossed that we receive some uplifting, positive news from the hospital soon and dad can come home to begin his process of regenerating his health and getting on with the fight that is awaiting him. Please keep him in your thoughts!!

Also, with the new year, I have started off my 2013 Project Life with a bang! I do not have any materials with me whatsoever except for my IPhone and my camera and am taking photos and jotting down notes. I am determined to record this year properly and not let myself get too far behind (2012 was kind of a disaster as far as PL goes!) but, I plan to have my photos printed weekly and I will share them with you as I go until I can get home and place them in their proper page protectors. I am going with a Monday-Sunday week this year and am hoping to order/print photos on Sundays and slip them all their proper places. For 2013, I am going with a beautiful yellow 12x12 album from We R Memory Keepers (it should be waiting for me at the post office!) and I am also going with a completely different design process {I've been admiring PL albums such as this one and would like to try a more similar design process for myself this year} I am so excited for whats ahead this year, I know its going to be full of health & happiness!!

So with that, welcome to the new year and thank you for sticking around in 2012! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful winter, a beautiful January and a beautiful start to a new year, wherever you are!

this photo just symbolizes January for me..yum!

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  1. Hello Dawn!! So happy to read about your plans for PL 2013, YIPPEE!! Wishing you the best with it and can't wait to see your pages!! I still don't have my PL kit so hoping to jump in as soon aw we can order them. I still have to do the last week of last year, need to catch up on those today/tomorrow!! I've been lazy, haha!

    I got everything crossed and many prayers going up for your dad and family. hope he comes home SOON!! thanks for keeping us updated and for sharing this very hard time with us. It's helpful to have yourself surrounded by as much support and friendship as you can right now!!



Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I appreciate hearing from you, have a great day!

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