Pure JOY

My husband snapped this photo of me this past weekend and I cannot tell you how much I love it. We were just heading out to do some holiday shopping when I took a moment to enjoy the falling snow and he picked up my camera and caught me in a moment that I will always cherish...

This photo symbolizes pure joy to me. It captures me in exactly how I feel about life in general right now. I have an amazing family, I have a full and satisfying life, I have a husband whom I adore that loves me more than I think I'll ever know and we have some big exciting things going on in our life that just make us smile. I tell ya, I'm giddy just thinking about it! And while, yes, I can complain about how cold it is outside just as good as the rest of them..you will never hear me complain about it snowing..I love it. I'm like a child in a rain puddle..I'll jump and run and play in it all day if I can..
What brings joy to your life? Whatever it is..I hope you hold on to it, nurture it and let it completely consume you...

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  1. What a gorgeous and happy picture this is, that hubby is awesome for taking it. I can always see the joy in your pictures and especially your words. I love how bubbly and giddy you are about life and THE LITTLE THINGS. That is one thing we have in common. So happy your life is good right now and you live each day to the fullest. I'm pretty happy now too, Thanksgiving is in one week, YIPPPEEE!!
    Take care and keep on SMILING!!


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