Where I Currently Live: Monolithic Dome

I have been meaning to write this post for months now. I know many of you are curious and have asked for a photo tour of our current lodgings and, today is that day!! As I have mentioned previously, we have a bit of a different setup going on here at the Cosgrove farm. When I first met Adam, they had started the beginnings of building a monolithic dome in the yard that would be his parents' dream/retirement home. They wanted something different and efficient, and they came up with a Monolithic Dome Home. After touring the established domes in Texas, they drew up plans of their own and began building a dome of a home ;) What they came up with is 2 x 60 foot tall domes that are connected by a saddle. But, because we are farmers first and foremost...this has been quite the process! Two years later and we are hoping to have this project completed come Spring.

Since Adam & I met and quickly fell in love, our timeline didn't exactly fall in line with that of the dome and once we got married, we knew we needed a home of our home {I lived with my inlaws for 3.5 months} So the decision was made to complete the 'family room' that sits over top their garage and make it in to a temporary 'apartment' for Adam & I to live in until the rest of the dome was completed. Once this happens, we will renovate the old farmhouse to our liking and then and only then, will we finally have things straightened out and normalized around here, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that all parties involved are very excited for that day!! Every time I walk in to the old farmhouse I dream up what I want to do with it, colours to paint it and fixtures to change..darlin', its going to be fun!!

Until then, we live in a lovely & comfortable 2,000 sq ft 'apartment', finished with temporary OSB walls and sparce lighting that we balanced with a multitude of tall light fixtures that allows us to live in the light :)

Okay, here we go. Welcome to the tour!! Upon arrival at our farm you will notice the dome to the East of the driveway..

It look like 2 ginormous igloos in the middle of the prairies, don't it? I love the front windows though, my mother in law will be heaven when she gets to cook and stare out those windows!! The colour of the house is not its forever colour, this is strictly its shell..which will later be finished off with stucco and stone!!
The other side faces tree rows and the highway that runs past our farm. There isn't a garage door in it just yet {its completely sealed off with these tarps though!} but I have to giggle when I see these..don't they look like 2 little piggies watching out over the highway?
This dome here is where we currently reside! That open window is my craft studio and the one further down is our bedroom
Now this is our deck from which we get to enjoy quite the beautiful view from morning to night! Eventually it will have a railing and be finished off, but again..this is a work in progress
Alright, lets come inside now!!! If we walk in through the garage door you will see my father in laws future drive thru 4 car garage. He's pretty excited about this one, let me tell you!! Currently it holds our building supplies and tools, every saw, drill and hammer that they own can usually be found in here!
Alright, now through the garage doors we walk under the saddle and in to the 2nd dome. This will be the main hub of the home. The kitchen, living room, dining area, master bedroom and guestrooms, laundry room, office will all be situated in this dome. Currently the main floor is framed and, starting next week the 2nd floor will be started as well!
From the second floor {which houses guestrooms, bathrooms and my MIL's craft room} they will have this beautiful view that overlooks the kitchen, living room and outside
Alright, now how about a peek in to our 'apartment'? Come on up!! The view you receive the minute you open our door is of the beautiful windows that look out on to our deck and beyond. I purposefully made this photo dark so that you could really see the windows!
Upon coming through the door, if you look to your left you will find this cozy little nook full of photos, decorations, books and a sturdy old coat hanger to hang your wares
To the right of this photo is our bedroom door. Its not much but its a private space that we get to crawl in to every night. and let me tell you theres a lot to be said about having that space all to yourselves when you just need a little peace & quiet!
Just as you walk in is our comfy living room area..
Behind the tv wall is the door to our bedroom at left and at the right is my craft studio area. I am telling you now that a photo of that space has not been included in this tour..its as though a craft bomb has exploded and the maid just hasn't been around ;) So...we'll save that space for another day, m'kay?
And behind the living room is our dining table and kitchen..
And right beside the kitchen is my sweet old Singer sewing machine. An inheritance from my paternal grandmother. I've adorned it with photos of all our grandparents {plus our very first photo together} I'd love to include our parents and other famiy members but I don't have any more space on here and I do not want to put holes in their walls..just one more thing to add to my to do list at the farmhouse!}
and just to the right of this is our bathroom. But I didn't take a photo of it because a bathroom is a bathroom ;)
And there is a little peek in to our crazy homelife!! To answer anticipated questions: the shell was blown up using aeration fans and then foamed with polyurethane foam. Then rebar was attached to all sides, followed by approximately 3 inches of concrete. This home has in floor heating on the main floor and thats it..no furnace, no air conditioner..it doesn't need it! The concrete makes this home so green, its incredible!
Now, as for me..I have always dreamed of having a home like in the movie Stepmom, can you picture it? Here..I found a photo:
So although my tastes run more Queen Anne/Victorian..this home has definitely grown on me! Adam would like to one day build a dome home of our own and I'm definitely not there yet {I don't want to give up on my dream home!} Adam is convinced he can create a home that we both will love. Until that day though, I'm perfectly content in settling in to our old farmhouse and cozying it up to our liking. I have big dreams for making that place a true farmhouse..I can't wait!!

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