Chickens Ain't Easy... photograph, that is ;)

I've been wanting to update you all on my flock of the most perfect chickens in the So I thought I'd take my camera with me on one of my visits but I have got to tell you, chickens are the least cooperative of subjects to photograph! They don't sit, stay or listen whatsoever..I guess you can't expect them to though now, can you?

My 14 chickens are doing amazing, I love them so much! They rise with the sun every morning, the roosters crow their hearts out and 5 of my 9 hens lay their eggs throughout the day for me to gather, all while happily clucking and scratching for grains amongst the ground. A typical morning for me looks something like this,

Wonderful, isn't it??
Here they are, happily going about their days..I can sit & watch them forever. They are so entertaining!! What I am really loving lately is that my flock has truly grown attached to me..and it makes my heart melt every day! After lunch, every day, we have gotten in to this routine that its treat time (I feed them kitchen scraps of veggies, berries, raisins, etc). I walk down to the coop with my bucket full of goodies and all 14 of my babies come running towards me, happily clucking and cooing! I just love it!! If you are near the coop, don't be surprised when you hear me talking away to my chickens...I know they don't understand but its fun anyways to pretend they do ;)
Okay so the best photos are coming up..while photographing my chickens, the roosters (& some hens) kept photo-bombing my'll see what I mean below ;)

These photos are blurry but my gosh do they ever crack me up!!!
While I love all of my chickens, there are a select few that easily pull on my heartstrings. They get excited seeing me come up to their pen, they sit comfortably when I hold them and even if I'm just sitting outside their pen, they sit as close as they can to me..and it makes my heart melt a little more each time! Two of these such chickens are Eleanor and Maggie..
Eleanor, a Silver Laced Wyandotte has always been one of my favorites. We bonded from day 1 and I think we always will be buddies ;)
and then there's Maggie. Shes one of 5 Black Australorp hens but she stands out for having green/brown eyes (which is a distinguishing feature seeing as Australorps are known for having black eyes). She is gentle, quiet and so very loyal. Shes a softie and I protect her from the roosters (and their testosterone) as much as I can!!
So there is my flock!! I was just thinking the other day about adding to them next Spring and the different breeds I'd like to bring home with me next go-around. For sure I'd like more australorps and even more wyandottes, but I'd really like to add Buff Orphingtons (brown chickens) and even some ducks (they're just so dang cute!) of course I have to watch myself, before we know it I could be running a funny farm!! ;)


  1. Oh talk about them as if they are your is so sweet. The roosters seem to love being photographed;-)

    1. Yes, my husband tells me these are the best cares for flock in the world ;) I have grown quite fond of them ;) I can only imagine how I will be when we are blessed with a family of our own!!
      Yes, I am starting to suspect they are quite fond of the camera!

  2. Hi Dawn, how cute and sweet this post is. I love the way you talk about your ladies, such a good mama you are to them. It is easy to spoil your babies when they are this cute, nothing wrong with that.

    So funny those close up shots were, they must like the camera. How exciting if you get more chickens, you will be very busy then.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments!! I do love my chickens although, I'm pretty sure that's obvious ;)
      Yes..they are so curious about cameras and phones! Every time I bring either out, they come right up to peck and investigate!
      I cannot wait to add to my may be the start to yet another addiction!


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