Gone Fishin'

Yup. You read that right..I'm gone fishin' this week. By the time you read this my husband has kidnapped me for a week of roughing it in the 'great outdoors' of the Northern Saskatchewan forrest. *sigh*

You see, my husband loves to fish and he loves going up North {aka: No Mans Land} because its quiet, peaceful, uncontaminated and the fishing is supposedly some of the best you'll ever see. He wants me to experience it for myself, he knows I'll love all the photographic opportunities I'll find myself in, and..I also told him I like to fish. Why did I do that, you ask? well..I did..when I was, like...10. Okay so I might still like it, you never know til you try it! Right??? Anyways, its too late now the bags are packed and we're on our way! With that being said, I have come up with a plan. A plan that will ensure I have a good time to matter what! Alright, you ready to hear my plan?? Okay....
I'm going to fish. And I mean really fish..give it an honest to goodness try and if I don't like it? Well then I'll know for sure...

And I'm going to take a lot of books so I can catch up on my reading on our down time..
I'm going to take refreshing 3 minute showers with lake water heated up on the wood burning stove..
I'm going to sit on a boat for 12 hours a day with my farmer, and dang it..I'm going to enjoy it!
I'm going to reconnect with wildlife..
I'm going to dip my toes in the pure glacier waters of Canada's True North...
I'm going to help prep lunches for the boys to bring on their boats..
and who knows. Maybe I'll even convince Adam to bring out his guitar so I can belt out some tunes by the old wood burning stove..
I mean, who knows! Maybe I'll really get in to this and want to swim with the fishies all.day.long!
Okay, so maybe that last one was a little bit sarcastic ;) But in all honesty. I'm going to really give this a try. If not for anything else, its for my husband. Because he loves it, he wants to take me with him and he deserves it. So..pray for me people..I'm in the land of outhouses, grizzly bears and shotguns..I may need a week of Michaels and glitter after this just to recover...

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    WOW a week away at fishing, hope it all went well for you. I'm not into fishing but hubby loves it. Not sure me and the wilderness can survive a week together, haha hope you are stronger and braver then me. LOVE LOVE all the pictures here, soooo funny and matched your words perfectly!!

    I did a special garden post while you've been gone, try to visit when you can and scroll down to see it. The title is COME TAKE A WALK WITH ME THRU THE GARDEN or close to that anyhow, look out for that and read it, had you in mind when posting and taking pictures.

    Take care and welcome home, enjoy sleeping in your bed and using the inside bathroom, lol


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