Sunflower Fields Forever

I love me some sunflowers. Ever since I can remember, the sunflower has probably been my #1 flower..ever. Its sunny, cheerful, happy, just lights up your day when you have a vase full of sunflowers around, don't you think?

Last November, on our honeymoon thru France and Italy, I was hoping/praying to come across a field full of sunflowers {like you see in all the movies}. Well, we were about 3 months late {turns out they have similar seasons to us..haha} but what has shocked me the most since then is that not ten minutes from our farm, there is a gigantic field of the most beautiful sunflowers I have ever seen. The reason I'm shocked? We are dirt farmers down here {ie: no irrigation - strictly reliant on Mother Nature herself} and I never thought I'd see the day a field of sunflowers would be planted here, but I am oh so glad they are! A few mornings ago I loaded up my boys {Simon & Jake) and we headed over to the field so that I can walk amongst the sunflowers and be in my peaceful glory. I took about a hundred photos and just smiled the entire time I was there. Of course afterwards I called my farmer and demanded we plant sunflowers next year, to which he replied his usual, "No prob, babe|

Now, if you could have a field of whatever you wanted..what would it be?!

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  1. Stunning photos Dawn....and sunflowers never cease to make me feel happy. They are so sunny.


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